Saturday July 27 Invite Ayurveda to your daily life

Invite Ayurveda to your daily life.
Immerse yourself in ancient and time proof knowledge of life.
This workshop covers: 
The basics of Ayurveda and its ancient philosophy
Exploring your ‘dosha’ or Ayurvedic mind – body type
Using the doshas to better understand ourselves, partners and others
8 sources of unbalance: How life in the 21st century has the potential to unbalance all 3 doshas
Ayurvedic daily routine (Dinacharya)- why it makes sense to do a bit more than brush your teeth 🙂
Why massage is so essential in Ayurveda, and how to give yourself a daily massage – self care with love
Keep your nadis clear – more into breathing techniques
Champi – learn how to do head massage to others. don’t be afraid to put oil on your hair 🙂
Useful Ayurvedic herbs and spices, and some home remedies for common ailments.

Date: Saturday 27 of July
Time: 10 am till 1 pm – 10.00 – 13.00 h.
Price: € 40,00 Regular € 30,00 For student, work-free, senior 
Location: Yogahouse, Putstraat 11, 6822 BE, Arnhem

Aanmelden? Mail Wanda
Mail Wanda in English please. Thank you and enjoy!

   Bio Wanda:
I am Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Shankara Skin Care Trainer, Art of Living happiness program teacher (since 2011, India), Prison Smart teacher. Share the knowledge and learn new one.

My first journey into the massage started in 2005 in Great Britain, when I combined natural holistic approach to support neurodisability clients. 
My journey into Ayurveda started in 2010 when I moved to Canada. I spent 6 months in the Ashram and learn at Sri Sri Ayurveda Wellness retreat in St. Mathieu du Parc in Quebec, Canada. Since then I was full time Sri Sri Ayurveda massage therapist in Poland. 

Managing Ayurveda Center in Warsaw for 3,5 years.
Then, spent two summers intensive with dr Vasant Lad in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Every trip to India was connected with learning and study as much as possible. I also study Ayurveda in England, Italy and Poland.

I am alumni of Sacred Window School, New Mexico, USA when I received title: Ayurvedic Postpartum Specialist (Auyrdoula). Also additionally finished Mother and Baby program with Sri Sri Ayurveda in Canadian Ashram in 2015.


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